Required at the time of interview :

Prepare yourself before going for an interview with company details(Check Co. website), job profile, relevant experience & reasons for
         leaving your past jobs.

Be prepare with your C.V./ Resume that what you have written in it to answer the interviewer.

Present yourself according to the requirement and wear a proper dress, make a shave,comb your hair properly, polish your shoes.

Be punctual and reach at least 10 minutes early before interview time.

Be sure to wish a greetings to interviewer like Gd. Morning, Gd. Afternoon and shake hands with smile.

Be sure to maintain eye contact with interviewer as you talk that shows your confidence level & positive body language.

Be specific & clear with your Skills, Experience and Knowledge to prove that you are the right candidate for the applied position.

Give proper, quick & detail answer to interviewer for positive conversation.

Always keep the doors open of the company for the position applied and don't say straight away no.

Show your interest level for the applied position.

Thank the interviewer for spending his/her time at the time of leaving.

Be honest to your answer.

Avoid at the time of interview:

Don't move your hands here n there.

Don't give vague answer, if u don't know the answer then simply say no.

Don't try to be a friendly.

Don't smoke before interview or eat chew gum in the interview.

Don't speak / talk about salary int the start of interview.

Don't interrupt interviewer, first listen then ask question.

Don't indulge into negative talk

Don't talk negative things about your past employer.

switch off / silent your cell phone in the interview.